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A Productive Day!

There are some days when you wish to give yourself a pat on the back. Today was one such day for me. I accomplished a lot of work  and the best part is that that I’m still feeling fresh and energetic at the end of the day, and peacefully writing my daily blog especially for Nablopomo.Touchwood!! ( I’m not really superstitious -just a wee bit!). What all did I accomplish? Here it goes–

  • Read the morning papers and was able to flip through my favourite magazine.
  • Re-organized my winter wardrobe
  • Re-organized my husband’s winter wardrobe. Setting the winter wardrobe and packing off of the summer clothes is a much talked about and sometimes feared task in northern India- when it starts to become slightly cold. Its almost like a ritual and often a conversation starter at family gatherings and get-togethers.   “Have you done your winter wardrobe yet?”- Everyone is keen to know.
  • Did 2 loads of laundry- in the washing machine of course, but don’t forget the prep and after care like folding etc.The more difficult to iron clothes will be given to the Dhobi ( Indian washerman ) and expensive clothes will be sent to the drycleaners. Just have to be ready to pay huge bills!
  • Re-shuffled and cleaned the shoes cabinet. Pushed away strappy sandals and took out shoes and some with bling to wear in the Indian wedding season.
  • Cooked a delicious meal comprising dal, beans and also made a stir fry with couscous. Surely, I am grateful for the domestic help I got in the kitchen in terms of chopping and cutting of the vegetables.

As i write this post , I realize that two thing I missed today.One, I missed my daily walk coz I was so busy in all this work. Second, I hardly drank any water today!  This,  I can surely remedy ( one must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day); so let me take a break and gulp down a tall glass of water. Until next time then -err…next post.