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Enticing Eiffel

What is it about this Puddling Iron grid structure that is so alluring? The 300m tall structure is iconic and makes it impossible to imagine Paris (or France) without it. Paris and Eiffel are now synonymous.

When you look at the Eiffel for the first time with your own eyes, after having seen its pictures in magazines, travel brochures and movies, you just can’t help being awestruck. A sigh escapes your being at the sheer marvel that it is. Actually, perhaps one is not really prepared for the grandiose, because the key-chain models and souvenir replicas that your relatives gifted you after their exciting Paris tour are poor replicas of the actual wonder.

The 7300 tons of iron make for an intriguing study in architecture and science. The Eiffel tower is the subject that inspires thousands of painters, artists and romantics throughout the world.

Eiffel up close
Eiffel up close

This June I was fortunate to visit Paris along with my husband. Just as we were about to leave after having our fill of the beautiful monument, my eye caught something that even tour guides fail to tell you. Just below the first balcony, I saw the names of famous physicists and mathematicians engraved on the sides of the tower. The physicist in me was mighty pleased to spot the names of Malus (Malus Law), Carnot (Carnot heat engine), Ampere (Ampere circuital law) and many more! In fact there are 72 names of French scientists, engineers, chemists and mathematicians engraved on the 4 sides with 18 names on each side of the tower. Gustave Eiffel got these names engraved in recognition of their contributions to society. The picture above was clicked by my dear husband; if you zoom the picture a bit , you could spot some of the names that feature on the North East side of the tower.

Into the Eiffel- Lift view
Into the Eiffel- Lift view

But what makes this gigantic structure so romantic?

Oh yes! If I may answer my own question- Its the beautiful landscaping around the tower, its visibility from various locations particularly the river Seine, the lights, and the sparkling lights at night, that lend an almost ethereal glow to the tower itself and the whole area around, transforming it magically. And the iron grid? Doesn’t the huge iron grid structure symbolize stability? Stable enough to last more than a century and still counting. Isn’t stability a trait that we all long for in lasting relationships? The promise makes Eiffel enticing!

All the photographs in this post are original clicks by the author and her husband, Anil Nanda.

Will Curiosity Kill the Cat?

The Daily Post questions today-

‘You wake up one morning to find a beautifully wrapped package next to your bed. Attached to it is a note: “Open me, if you dare.” What’s inside the mystery box? Do you open it?’

These days when there are terror threats all over the world, one is generally warned not to open unidentified packets or gifts.Thoughts of ‘Pandora’s Box’ also crossed my mind. But, its Christmas today, a time to spread love and good cheer. Moreover, the gift is lying in my bedroom, where none except my immediate family has access to without permission.So obviously, it must be a Christmas gift from my husband or son. Their expressions tell me that its their planning to give me a pleasant surprise, even though they are denying that they’ve kept the mystery box. Feigning ignorance ,both are actually trying to scare me! What they don’t realise is I know them so well ; and they know me so well too.They know that I love surprises. So yes,I would definitely open it.

No, I’m not greedy, just curious and a bit of a risk taker and a rebel. Also there is faith. So I will dare to open the box. Curiosity didn’t kill me. I found the most delicious Christmas cake in the box which we enjoyed later in the day with relatives and friends. Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all bloggers and my followers in every part of the world. May this day and the coming year bring good luck and good cheer for all.

Its all in the mind!

We were waiting for the doors to open outside the movie auditorium. It was a crowded hall as a hit movie was being screened and a rather lengthy one, as people waited for the previous show to end. Feeling restless, my ears cocked when I overheard snippets of an interesting conversation between two women.

A strong voice: Hey you look a bit tired and worn out today. what happened? Sorry, but you look so disheveled!

A meek voice: Ya.., actually I slept rather late yesterday as we had guests.

Strong voice: So what , you could have slept till late in the morning. And what about the afternoon siesta?

Meek voice: No, first it was the milk man, and my son had to travel, so I got up to pack his tiffin.Later during the afternoon I was perpetually disturbed by the door bell ringing time and again – first the gardener, then a courier and then …

Strong voice: (Emphatically)But your son’s married right , his wife could have done that for him! On second thoughts, ‘he’ should be able to cook a meal for himself.  And why don’t you change the timings of your staff according to your own suitability?

Meek voice: ( Meekly) Its ok, I really don’t mind.

By now I was really curious to catch a glimpse of the two ladies.I tried but my view was blocked by a tall gentleman.

Strong voice: Neelu, its high time you took the reins of your life in your control! I appreciate your caring attitude for others but what about your own self? Look what you’ve done to your skin!

Neelu: Maybe you are right ,but I’m an old woman now so it doesn’t really matter.But yes your skin is glowing, what have you done?            ( At last she was curious!)

Strong voice: Look Neelu, age is just a number, its actually all in the mind. As for my skin, I apply Olay moisturising lotion religiously.Come to my house I’ll give you a makeover!

Neelu: (Laughing) Haha! You really are a good friend.

By now the cinema gates opened. I managed to take a sneak peak at the two friends. Both seemed to be in their late fifties. Strong voice was dressed traditionally and elegantly,and wore trainer shoes ( sneakers) with her Punjabi suit.I looked at her with a new found respect, as she combined sensibility with practicality and lived life on her own terms.Then I looked at Neelu. She was pretty, but could definitely have looked better. But now she looked happy and was smiling.Good friends are like tonic!

Neelu: …..my husband is sure going to be pleased!

(was the last snippet of conversation I overheard as we entered the hall)

Happy Children’s Day!

November 14 ,2014 marks the 125th birth anniversary of India’s first Prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, which is observed as Children’s’ day in the country.On this day, I recollect a simple poem I had first written for my daughter when she was a little girl for a school recitation competition.Later the same poem was used by my son too and many of my dear nieces and nephews made the poem their own. Every time I read this poem it brings back those fond memories of their childhood. Today most of them are married and happily settled and some of them have little kids. The pictures featured in this write-up are of my niece’s adorable sons and their school friend.I hope you enjoy reading this poem:

If Chocolates Grew on Trees

If Chocolates grew on Trees                                       1378048_10152281666374899_1295053308_n

Oh! What fun it would be

Cadbury, 5-star,Tobler,  Ferrero Rocher and Lindt

All famous brands there would be

No need to ask for mama’s permission

And no need to listen to papa’s sermons

For now

I can just pluck them and eat !

If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be?

‘When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.’ ~Sophia Loren in her book Women and Beauty.

Can one ever separate a woman from her children in her thoughts? They may be physically away from her, doing their own thing ,perhaps even in another town, or country or continent; but there is always a home for them in their mother’s heart and a prayer for them on her lips.Kudos to a mother’s love which selfless and so pure!

When her child is away from home a mother is always concerned about his/her wellbeing.” Is she eating properly? I hope he doesn’t drive too rashly;” questions like this rush through her brain. A million other thoughts too cross her mind, and she crosses her fingers that ‘all is well’.

To amount to saying that that I have become permanently rid of this worry would be a false claim, but i have learnt to control my thoughts and train them to follow a positive train of thought (pun unintended!).Whenever I think of my children there is always a smile on my lips.I imagine that whatever work they are doing they are enjoying it thoroughly and there is the protective hand of the supreme God over them at all times.Moreover, I have full faith in my upbringing.I have taught them to be able to distinguish between right and wrong. So I can always trust them to be able to take the right decisions in different aspects of life.If we want our children to make a success of their lives we can’t bind them. We should give them wings and let them fly!

This post was inspired by

NaBloPoMo November 2014 Prompts (November 11) on Blogher

Fashion Forward – Father and Son !

IMG_0382Look at this fabulous denim shirt ! This is no ordinary shirt. It’s a Levi’s denim shirt.But that is quite obvious ,isn’t it? So what’s so special? The special thing about this shirt is that its a Levi’s denim shirt that’s almost 34 years old!This shirt was bought by my husband from a mall in the year 1980 when he went on a college trip to Singapore.What is most amazing is that my son (who is quite choosy about his clothes) enjoys wearing this very shirt and often wears it to college! He wears it as a shirt and at times also as a light jacket over a T-shirt. Fashion repeats itself and denim shirts and jackets are always in vogue.This Levi’s denim is a classic, and seemingly is getting better with age just like vintage wine.

My son came back from a college trip yesterday and needless to say he had taken this favourite Levis denim shirt with him.When he came back , I washed it and my husband offered to iron it for me ( I must say he did a fabulous job, the shirt still looks new). it was while he was ironing the shirt , he told me that he had bought it in 1980! This gave me the immediate idea that i must write a post dedicated to this vintage Levi’s denim shirt.

Some possessions that we have ,may be simple, but give so much joy because of the happy memories associated with them.

Quarrelling Sisters

Two little pigtails pulled to the left

And one braided plait pulled to the right.

Oh! My My! What a sight.

Two quarrelling sisters

Fully engrossed in their fight.

Open mouthed, I intervene.

I look at the elder one and scold her

You should have some more sense!

I look at the younger one and scold her

You should respect your elders!

An hour later I see them

Both playing happily with each other!

Sulking, they look at me angrily

A quarrel with sister has become,

A quarrel with their mother.