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100th Post & 7 Best Reasons to Celebrate!!

Yes dear readers, followers and friends, this is my hundredth post on this blog. I just kept on writing and suddenly realized that today my post is going to be the 100th! Its in deed a time to celebrate and to thank you all for the love and support. There are actually a hundred reasons to celebrate, but I limit myself to listing the 7 best reasons and revel in being a part of the great Blogging Community. These are the reasons that contributed in my personal growth as a writer and also as a human being. Here they go-

  1. A Lesson in Being Persistent: In my first few posts when I had just started blogging I had expressed my joy and excitement for becoming a part of the blogging community. Someone commented that it was very easy for the initial excitement to wear off and he hoped that this did not happen to me. I agreed with him as blogging is actually a labour of love and back breaking (and neck breaking) at times. I took that comment really seriously, tried to remain as persistent as possible to continue to follow my blogging dream. So here I am with my hundredth ( 100th) post! img_5612
  2. A Global Platform: There have been times when due to travelling, problematic internet connectivity or other reasons I neglected my blog for certain periods of time. My ranking may have gone down a bit during those times but the imprint of my thoughts through my articles and posts was now a permanent part of the internet and blogging firmament. My blog ‘riturang’ continued to get views from far off places and as many as at least 76 different countries. To be able to get a global platform for sharing your thoughts is indeed laudable.
  3. Outlet for self Expression: Ever since I started my blog, there just has been no looking back. I have become a happier and more contented person. My lap top is my best companion and my fingers itch to type. There is never a dull moment, as my mind is always working and observing. Earlier I used to scribble my thoughts down on paper ( do that even now sometimes), but now I straight away type on the keyboard with confidence. The best thing about my blog is that all my work is saved and organised at one place,offering me easy access to it as and when I need. I no longer need to save pieces of fading paper and its goodbye to bulky diaries. ca31dffe51fadb735ff85dedc2e92f60
  4. Closer to Becoming a Better Writer: One of the first advice pieces one gives to becoming a better writer is to write more. To get into the writing habit, as this eventually improves the writing style , vocabulary and grammar. The more you write the more you wish to learn. The universe then listens and helps you to imbibe all that you wish for and takes you closer to your goals. The various writing prompts and participation in writing challenges like NaBloPoMo polish one’s writing further.
  5. Becoming More Knowledgeable: This is one great perk of good  writing! In order to write an article or story on your travels or any other topic, one needs a certain amount of research for the piece to be authentic and true. I always research and clarify any doubts I may have before posting my article. As I mentioned earlier, I have also consciously become more observant of the happenings around me. I have also become a better listener, because as they say, everyone has a great story inside them. My fellow bloggers too have also contributed immensely to my knowledge. I remain engrossed and hooked to the writings posted by them for hours learning about various cultures, cuisines and getting an insight into opinions from all over the world.
  6. Developing the Reading Habit: I must thank my desire to write and to blog for developing the reading habit. Actually read I always did, but what blogging did was to push me toward quality reading. Now I read the best books across various genre and really enjoy being surrounded by books. Never a dull day or moment for me as books are my best friends.img_5611
  7. The Colours of the Rainbow: My 7th best reason to celebrate! Over the past 2 years I have written blog posts on various topics akin to the lively colours of the rainbow. I have written on travel, food, blogging, nature and book reviews. I was grateful for my family and talked about relationships and found a suitable audience for some heartfelt poetry. I became interested in photography and used my own pictures as far as possible. Feeling grateful for all these rewards! Cheers!

Rejoice – Airtel Launches Fastest 4G Services

So finally, we move one step ahead in making India a smart place to be in, thanks to Airtel. With a nationwide rollout across 296 cities (which is a whopping number), Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out the 4G services. And, the cherry on the cake is that it is the fastest network ever. What further adds to the good news is that the 4G service is available at the price of 3G with no additional charges! So we definitely head towards the dream of our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi making every city in India a smart city. Now pay your bills, access your bank account , do online shopping and make full movie downloads in a matter of seconds.There is no need to get frustrated waiting endlessly for your download and merely staring at the buffering sign.

For me this launch is a real boon as almost 24 x 7 , I’m glued to the net on account of different reasons. My daughter lives abroad, so facetime and Skype keep us connected. I just can’t imagine my life without facetime. But when I have spoken to her at least twice a day using facetime, it seems to me that she is here with me all the time. She can easily participate in all family discussions and we can even be virtual participants , like say when she is blowing candles on her birthday cake.

Likewise, whatsapp is my lifeline when it comes to staying in touch with my son, who is an adventure freak and always on the go. So at times when it is not possible for him to answer my calls, Whatsapp comes to my rescue and helps me to keep tabs on him.

There is now no longer muttering under the breath or cursing the wretched sloooow speed of the internet whenever I wish to talk to my dear daughter or stay in touch with my son as with the launch of Airtel 4G – The fastest network ever, all this is a thing of the past. So, definitely a time to rejoice!

Being a writer of sorts, how can I imagine my life without a high speed telecom network? Now my life is so much simpler, I can submit my posts on the go ( which seemed like an impossible dream earlier), from my phone itself. I no longer have to remain confined to the four walls of my home dependent on my home wifi.

How can I forget my dear friends? I told you I’m an internet junkie. With the launch of Airtel 4G- the fastest network ever, I can stay connected with my friends in whichever part of the country I may be. After all, as the service is going be operational in 296 cities. it will be a cakewalk posting and sharing pictures with friends on social networking platforms like facebook and Instagram, without the irritating and prolonged wait. Rejoice! Rejoice!

Friends, getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away, just type #GetAirtel4G and you can get an easy free home delivery of the Airtel 4G SIM.