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Eden Project Cornwall,England: Beautiful Amalgamation of Art, Nature and Science

It’s not everyday that you get to visit a magical Global garden like the Eden Project in Cornwall, England (UK). So when I found myself finally standing on ‘Eden soil’ under one of the massive biomes that house the world’s largest rain-forest in captivity, along with other plant species from the Mediterranean,South Africa and California, I was nothing short of mesmerized. Never before had I witnessed a man made marvel nestled in a huge crater also with an outdoor garden spread over 30 acres. Recipient of the Best UK Leisure Attraction award continuously for 4 years (2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011) and the Silver Award for Best Leisure Attraction in 2016, the Eden Project is a must visit destination.  What makes the place even more interesting is the beautiful amalgamation of art, architecture, nature and science in one destination.

Eden Project, with view of biomes in backdrop
Eden Project, with view of biomes in backdrop

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Source: Eden Project Cornwall,England: Beautiful Amalgamation of Art, Nature and Science

NaBloPoMo: A Giant Step towards Substantial Blogging!

NaBloPoMo? Not ever heard of this word? If not then perhaps you are new to the blogging world. NaBloPoMo is actually an acronym for National Blog Posting Month. November is the chosen month and one is supposed to make a blog post each day of this month, even on weekends! Sounds exciting isn’t it? It definitely is provided you are willing to take up the challenge. NaBloPoMo is a challenge because in order to write good, interesting and quality posts you need to keep the fire burning inside you for 30 continuous days. As for me I love accepting challenges. Mind you, it does wonders for your blog winning you new readers, creating a bond with the community as you share your experiences besides giving you that much needed jump in views on the stats page. My phone never stops buzzing on the WordPress app I have downloaded on my phone, whenever I publish a new post, signaling a new like or comment. It is a tremendous boost of confidence in your abilities as a writer.

Who thought up NaBloPoMo and why?

Well, I’ll answer in the words of Eden Kennedy herself, who thought up the brilliant idea of NaBloPoMo in the year 2006 ( The following excerpt is taken from an interview by Deb Rox)

‘A lot of people don’t sort of take blog writing all that seriously.  A lot of blog writers don’t take it that seriously themselves because they are posting links to current events, or using it as a discussion forum rather than as a place to thoughtfully express using good interesting verbs or good descriptive writing of what’s going on in their life or in their brain.  I thought let’s just focus on that part of it, see if you can sit down and write something everyday and throw it up there.  What happens after you do that for a while and you are doing it publicly it’s not like you are writing it in your diary everyday, you are throwing it out there for between 10 and 100 or 1000 people to read depending on your traffic.  Your barriers start to come down and you start that perfectionism thing and start to loosen up for better or worse sometimes worse.  Sometimes you end up posting up stuff you never thought was worth writing about and it turns out “Hey I really liked writing that post and I want to explore that more.” or you get more feedback or whatever.  It’s just a way of loosening up that nasty perfectionism thing if you have that.’

The biggest advantage of being a part of NaBloPoMo is to ingrain in you the writing habit. Write whatever you like on any topic that catches your fancy. You may even just publish some eye catching pictures of your travels or the blooming flowers in your garden with some small details. You can look for inspiration on ideas to write even on The Daily Post or BLOGHER. Once you have developed this habit your hands and brain will itch to write and slowly but surely NaBloPoMo becomes a prominent factor for your personal growth. So say good bye to procrastination forever and register for NaBloPoMo here, preferably before November 5. It will take you a giant step forward towards substantial blogging. Enjoy!!



Tomorrow If I Die

Sometimes I may be foolish

In what I speak or how I act,

As I don’t measure my words

Or think to act age appropriate.

I take merry go round rides

And jump on trampolines!

Sometimes I may love to dress up

and wear makeup,

And at other times, stay barefaced and plain

as per my wish.

Often, I follow my whims and fancies

And care not for critics.

For tomorrow if I die,

I have no regrets!

Musings (Tanka Poetry)

Musings to think that life is not really a struggle, the ‘Tanka’ way!

Life is boring?
Add spice,be mysterious.
Rise from the mundane,
Travel,capture and conquer.
Yet strive for peace with inner-self.



A tanka poem comprises 5 lines of 5,7,5,7,7 syllables each in that order. Write and read tanka to make life unboring!

Day 5: Photo 101 Solitude

Photo challenges are fun and great inspiration for new posts. Today’s inspiration is Solitude with the ‘Rule of thirds’.

Alone and happy- Bulbul bird

Sticking to just a picture today, as I’ve already composed an earlier post on solitude in the form of a haiku poem 🙂 See link below

https://riturang.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/solitude-haikusenryu/ . The picture in this earlier post was clicked in Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne.



Bechara Dustbin Kya Kare?


How often we blame the government or the administration for not providing enough dustbins for maintaining cleanliness in parks and other public places. But what about the citizens’ responsibility? Why do some careless people throw debris ‘around’ the dustbin rather than into it? Are they afraid that their hand will catch some queer sort of infection if it goes too close to the bin?
It’s all a vicious circle. The scattered dirt will attract flies and mosquitoes and stray dogs- which undoubtedly will result in people catching various diseases like malaria, dengue, now the threat of Zika virus! It also explains to some extent the increase in the number of incidents of dog bites in many regions . So much is being said about the dream of a clean India (swachh Bharat) everyday. Isn’t it time people wake up to their own social responsibilities? What say ?

A Time To Give Back

I received a most amazing New Year gift on the last day of year 2015. Guess what? A surprise nomination for an award by dear @mescalime (Psychochromatic Inception). The best part was that she very graciously permitted me to choose between 3 different awards she had received herself, namely : Sunshine Blogger Award, Liebster Award and The Word Magician Award. I have accepted the Sunshine Blogger Award as I can identify with it. I truly believe that a blog should be inspirational and spread some joy!

As per the ‘general rules’ of awards, I shall nominate 7 more bloggers for this award whose posts I enjoy reading. Mind you this is a tough task as each and every blog is fabulous in its own way.

My nominees:

  1. Dr. Rohit Reddy
  2.  xoxolovedee
  3. Upen Reddy
  4. alifemoment  
  5. poetreecreations        
  6. Arun
  7. tenny

Many thanks to the whole blogging community and wish you all a very happy and fulfilling new year 2016!


Inner peace and Joy!!

What is the best possible gift you can give to yourself? Exploring the thought through the poetic form – Acrostic!

Adapt the thoughts,
Balance the mind.
Control the emotions,
Ditch the fries.
Exercise your body,
Free your soul.
Gift yourself – the gifts of ;
Inner peace,


Fret Not Wo/Man, You’ve Got Plenty to Wear!

Its a common problem which each one of us has faced at one time or the other. The closet is practically overflowing with clothes, so much so that in extreme cases articles literally start tumbling out the moment you open the its door! But yet there is that perpetual lament, ‘ I’ve got nothing to wear!’


Lets analyse the problem a bit and look for some solutions-

  • Throw away all those items of clothing or even accessories you’ve not worn for a year. As a general rule of the thumb, for every new outfit you buy, discard one old item of clothing. Donate your surplus clothes to someone who really needs them. De-cluttering your wardrobe will also make your belongings clearly visible making it easier for you to choose your clothes.Further, any missing essentials of your wardrobe will stare you in the face.So go ahead, spruce up your wardrobe with a fresh new look with fashionable updates from the latest trends in vogue!
  • The problem of plenty!! Very often, I’ve seen many of my friends, and myself too as victim to this.We have so many clothes that we are literally spoilt for choice! ”Should I wear this ensemble to the party or that blue dress or maybe that grey trouser suit?” Your mind is in constant debate, and when unable to decide, perhaps end up with ” I’ve got nothing (suitable) to wear, I need to buy something new.” Come on, its time to realize that you have enough clothes already, take out their moneys worth by actually wearing them and stop being a hoarder.
  • Have you ever heard of mix and match? By investing in some clever separates which you can easily mix and match will help you sport a new outfit each day of the year! Try to have a mix of classics, solid colours and some prints. Bling can be added through jewellery, bags, scarves,belts, watches along with other accessories. For example, by simply changing the blazer and making slight tweaks to your hairstyle along with your regular pair of jeans will give you an entirely new look. Just replacing a pair of pumps with stilettos or wedge heels changes the very attitude with which you carry yourself! Wearing a bright hued lip colour as opposed to a pale one immediately makes one look different, even though the clothes may still be the same. I am sharing with you this picture by Tumblr for added inspiration.


So go ahead people enjoy dressing up and looking good everyday. Remember,you’ve got plenty to wear!

The first picture was posted by my little (favourite) niece on WhatsApp and become my inspiration ticket for this article:)