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Playlist of the week

Sing a song…oh baby ding a dong!! Ah well, this week started on a promising note; after all it was our Republic Day on January 26 on Monday. So the song on my lips was ‘ Vande mataram’. This Republic day was special Obamas-elftoo, with the American president Mr. Barack Obama as chief guest, so we all sat glued to our television sets.The popular song ‘Mumbai se aaya mera dost’ took on a new meaning and form highlighting the friendship between Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi and Mr. Barack Obama as ‘America se aaya mera dost, dost ko salaam karo….’. Tuesday was a restful day, a day for self music-236683_1280introspection and hum my favourite soulful song ‘Tinka- tinka zaraa zaraa, hai roshni se jaise bharaa, har dil main armaan hote to hain…’ beautifully picturized on one of my favourite bollywood actresses, Priyanka Chopra in the film Karam. Wednesday onwards its the shaadi fever (wedding season) catching up once again!! So we have been grooving non stop to popular punjabi numbers like ‘Angreji beat’ by Gippy Grewal and Yo Yo Honey Singh. Other songs which we simply could not resist background-143985_1280dancing to were ‘ London Thumakda’ from the movie Queen and ‘Tumne mari entry yaar, dil main baji ghanti yaar…’ from the film Gunday. So in all it has been an action packed week!

And well, time to say good bye for now – coz we are to attend yet another wedding tonight !!

I hope you enjoyed reading my playlist of the week.

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Happy New Year- A film Review !

Some of my facebook friends living in the U.S. have requested me for a film review.I recently saw the latest Bollywood Hindi film titled Happy new year and I am  going to review it.The film was a Diwali release in India and boasts of an impressive star cast including ‘King Khan’ Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone,Abhishek Bachchan, Anupam Kher,Boman Irani,Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood and new boy, Vivaan Shah.The average rating given by most critics to this movie is 2.5 stars. As I was free on Sunday and in any case love going to the movies , we decided to watch it nevertheless without having many expectations! As it is, whenever we go to watch these typical masala potboilers we laugh that we are leaving our brains at home and simply going out for a good time without being too critical.

The first thirty minutes or so of the film seem to drag but finally it does become gripping and makes the viewer engrossed in the goings on, in spite of being yet another movie based on a diamond robbery. It genuinely made us laugh in so many scenes and was quite entertaining. Deepika looks ravishing in the film and adds to the necessary glamour quotient. Abhishek Bachchan in his double role impresses.The film is shot on a grand scale and the second half is mostly picturised in Dubai. I am not going to reveal the story as it would be a spoiler if you actually decide to see the film. Directed by Farah Khan, according to Hindustan times news the film has earned a record Rs.44.97 crore on the opening day of its release itself and is soon on its way to become a big blockbuster.

I would give the movie 3 stars out of 5. Go ahead watch it and have a good time ! Watch the movie trailer.