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Fashion Forward – Father and Son !

IMG_0382Look at this fabulous denim shirt ! This is no ordinary shirt. It’s a Levi’s denim shirt.But that is quite obvious ,isn’t it? So what’s so special? The special thing about this shirt is that its a Levi’s denim shirt that’s almost 34 years old!This shirt was bought by my husband from a mall in the year 1980 when he went on a college trip to Singapore.What is most amazing is that my son (who is quite choosy about his clothes) enjoys wearing this very shirt and often wears it to college! He wears it as a shirt and at times also as a light jacket over a T-shirt. Fashion repeats itself and denim shirts and jackets are always in vogue.This Levi’s denim is a classic, and seemingly is getting better with age just like vintage wine.

My son came back from a college trip yesterday and needless to say he had taken this favourite Levis denim shirt with him.When he came back , I washed it and my husband offered to iron it for me ( I must say he did a fabulous job, the shirt still looks new). it was while he was ironing the shirt , he told me that he had bought it in 1980! This gave me the immediate idea that i must write a post dedicated to this vintage Levi’s denim shirt.

Some possessions that we have ,may be simple, but give so much joy because of the happy memories associated with them.


A Walk through Leisure Valley

Chandigarh is home to some beautiful gardens and by far one of the ???????????????????????????????greenest Indian cities. No wonder it is called ‘City Beautiful.’ I love going for my morning walk, and one of my most favourite places is Leisure Valley. Let me take you on a virtual tour through this garden from the perspective of a walking enthusiast!

The moment one steps into the garden, a palpable difference in ???????????????????????????????temperature can be felt, being a few notches below the outside temperature. A whiff of air from the scented trees fills the nostrils and the lilting song of the Koel (Cuckoo bird) welcomes you; immediately lifting the mood and making one feel light and happy.

The leisure valley, sector 10, is a part of an 8 km long stretch around??????????????????????????????? the eroded valley left by a seasonal rivulet (choe) which was retained by the great French architect, Le–Corbusier.The jogging track is flanked by temple plant trees, the ornamental Yellow Oleander trees (peeli kaner) and some young silver oaks. As we walk along we come across an assortment of trees like Amaltas, Bottle brush, Dhak flower trees and Peepal. During April–May, when these trees are flowering, one can see a myriad of colours which is a sight to behold. The Devil’s trees are planted in large numbers.

Walking through the canopy of these trees, a grey hornbill swishes IMG_2769past overhead and settles on a branch above. Several other birds like hoopoe, woodpecker and parrots are often seen. The babbler can be seen hopping on the grasses in small groups creating quite a cacophony.

The topography of the Leisure valley is uneven and that perhaps

Beautiful open spaces of Leisure Valley
Beautiful open spaces of Leisure Valley

adds to the beauty of the place.One  can see vast stretches of green from a distance, having a balming effect on the eyes. In the interior of the garden more varieties of trees such as Golden trumpet and Jarul can be spotted. At times I have bumped into a sahtoot tree (mulberry) and got rewarded by its succulent fruit or picked some mogra from the gardenia shrubs for the morning puja! Neatly planted rows of seasonal flowers too dot the garden. My favourite spot in the garden is the Bamboo grove . According to Feng Shui, a wish made under a bamboo shrub is fulfilled. Needless to say, I have my daily quota of wishes to be granted! The picturesque bamboo grove is inspiration for many renowned painters and photographers!

After walking around the garden it is worth while to sit for a few minutes on a  favourite bench, breathe deeply and focus on “Pranayam” or sit back and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the place. To quote William Henry Davies from the poem, ‘Leisure’.

“What is this life, if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare

No time to stand beneath the boughs

And stare as long as sheep or cows

No time to see, when woods we pass,

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass?’

The Leisure valley is a laid back place, quite suitable for people who ???????????????????????????????do not wish to wake up too early in the morning for their walk. It is also not very crowded, so its almost like your own personal farmhouse! I, for one could happily spend the whole day here walking, meditating or simply sitting in a corner reading my favourite book.

It is heartening to note that of late the Chandigarh Municipal corporation is taking pains towards further improvement of the garden. New jogging tracks have been laid and care is being taken to maintain the garden.

All the pictures used in this article are original clicks by Ritu and Anil Nanda

I am the Humble Computer

I am the humble computer,

But I can be your best tutor.

I can teach you maths and science,

And create a whole new world,

By computer animation and drawing.

You bet, I can keep the accounts best:

Thus, banks , railway companies and other firms can now rest.

But online shopping, chatting and the internet, won’t let you rest.

I am the humble computer, but I’m in great demand,

You’re life dear, to a great extent is under my command!

This is my Return Address to the human race.

Image source: Google images

The Challenge Called NaBloPoMo !

It was just by a lucky chance that I got attracted by Hot off the press article by Michelle W. ; ‘The NaMos are Coming! The NaMos are Coming!’ NaMo essentially meant  NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo , which stand for National novel writing month and National blog posting month respectively. My initial desire was to participate in the novel writing challenge. Could there be anything better than being able to complete a novel in a month ? Sure enough, but many experts warned that editing the novel could become a daunting task later on. The idea for my novel is very clear in my mind but i don’t want it to be a hurriedly churned out work. Having said this ,I just could not let ‘november’ pass by without doing anything substantial. It was with these thoughts that I zeroed in to take up the challenge called NaBloPoMo ! The challenge in which we are to commit to making a post everyday- however busy you may be. 

In part this page I am dedicating to this challenge is also prompted by the NaBloPoMo November 2014 Prompts’ for day 6 i.e.

Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

Ah well, I don’t see myself as a professional blogger yet, but yes i am learning ,and I guess I am learning fast.The real challenge for me lies in the fact that I want my writing to be taken seriously and so would hate to post anything which is not up to the mark. I am immensely thankful for the favourable and positive response that I am getting so far from fellow bloggers and readers.As for what is professional blogger? i am not so sure. Haha! perhaps it means someone who is able to earn some bucks other than accolades from their writing (besides their day job)!

Quarrelling Sisters

Two little pigtails pulled to the left

And one braided plait pulled to the right.

Oh! My My! What a sight.

Two quarrelling sisters

Fully engrossed in their fight.

Open mouthed, I intervene.

I look at the elder one and scold her

You should have some more sense!

I look at the younger one and scold her

You should respect your elders!

An hour later I see them

Both playing happily with each other!

Sulking, they look at me angrily

A quarrel with sister has become,

A quarrel with their mother.