Awesome Chef- Dream Meals at Your Dinner Table

Have you ever dreamed of being an awesome chef? Desired to be able to rustle up perfect meals that are fresh and awesome, straight from your kitchen to the dining table? How one yearns to earn that well deserved praise from spouse, children, relatives and friends!

Well, the time has now come to help you fulfill that long cherished wish, and that too with minimum fuss! You can be an ‘awesome chef’ with the launch of a new brand called ‘Awesome chef‘ by Awesome Cuisine Pvt. Ltd. The “Ready-to-cook Meal Kit”  food delivery service, was launched by the company in Chennai recently in February, 2016. Since this launch there has been no looking back. My friends in Chennai have been singing praises of this service and sharing pictures of their awesome home cooked dishes like Kung pao potatoes and Spirelli in mushroom sauce! So delicious and mouth watering, you would wish to cook these and more everyday. With the ready to cook meal kit this is possible.

Kung Pao Potatoes
Kung Pao Potatoes

According to the Co-Founder & Head of Operations of Awesome Cuisine (also winner of the 2015 “Best Chennai Blog” award), over the past few years, there has been an increase in home-cooks, thanks to amazing programs like MasterChef or shows featuring famous chefs like Chef Venkatesh Bhat or Chef Damu. The “Art of Cooking” these days, has surpassed the gender divide and we see amazing chefs in husbands, dads and kids. Living in a hectic world there is either less time to shop or a challenge to source the right ingredients. Awesome Chef fills this need by providing all the requisite ingredients along with the set of instructions to cook the dishes one sees on their site.

The Chief Culinary Officer explains that they are thrilled to be able to help people avoid waiting in queues, offering the best ingredients with no harmful chemicals and giving families more precious time with each other. All Awesome Chef “ready-to-cook” kits are packed with the freshest and finest pre-measured ingredients that can serve 2 to 3 people.

These efforts are in deed laudable. Safe, pure, hygienically cooked home food, that’s chef inspired with the exact recipe and really so tasty that it is nonpareil. To top it all, commitment to excellent customer care is the feather in the cap. You can experience Awesome Chef at and give your taste buds a real treat! This is such a novel idea that it can revolutionize  the way the world cooks. We all look forward to having Awesome Chef dream meals on our dinner table everyday!




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