Bechara Dustbin Kya Kare?


How often we blame the government or the administration for not providing enough dustbins for maintaining cleanliness in parks and other public places. But what about the citizens’ responsibility? Why do some careless people throw debris ‘around’ the dustbin rather than into it? Are they afraid that their hand will catch some queer sort of infection if it goes too close to the bin?
It’s all a vicious circle. The scattered dirt will attract flies and mosquitoes and stray dogs- which undoubtedly will result in people catching various diseases like malaria, dengue, now the threat of Zika virus! It also explains to some extent the increase in the number of incidents of dog bites in many regions . So much is being said about the dream of a clean India (swachh Bharat) everyday. Isn’t it time people wake up to their own social responsibilities? What say ?


7 thoughts on “Bechara Dustbin Kya Kare?”

  1. Totally agree with you. It’s upto the citizens to take it as their own responsibility and ensure that cleanliness is maintained. And also get out of the mentality that ‘since others are not doing it so I will also not do’.

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  2. Well said! As long as the citizens decide to ignore their own role in uplifting the society, the society can never uplift no matter what Govt. comes to power and what facilities they provide. If someone would throw litter anywhere they can, even when a dustbin is just few centimeters away, no number of dustbins would ever be sufficient.

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  3. I agree with you, but what I’ve noticed is that in most places the trash bins themselves are overflowing because authorities have not emptied them. An overflowing stinking bin is what causes most people to just toss the waste in the general direction of the bin.
    In my opinion this is because the people charged with cleaning are not paid enough. One can see this pattern in public washrooms in India. It costs Rs. 1 or 2 to use a washroom and that is just not enough for the people who clean them. They leave it half-dirty and then people using the washrooms make it even more dirty, since “it was already dirty, no one will know I contributed” is a valid excuse in India.
    The solution is to raise public awareness, provide greater income to the people who are cleaning up the trash bins and washrooms.

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