Rejoice – Airtel Launches Fastest 4G Services

So finally, we move one step ahead in making India a smart place to be in, thanks to Airtel. With a nationwide rollout across 296 cities (which is a whopping number), Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out the 4G services. And, the cherry on the cake is that it is the fastest network ever. What further adds to the good news is that the 4G service is available at the price of 3G with no additional charges! So we definitely head towards the dream of our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi making every city in India a smart city. Now pay your bills, access your bank account , do online shopping and make full movie downloads in a matter of seconds.There is no need to get frustrated waiting endlessly for your download and merely staring at the buffering sign.

For me this launch is a real boon as almost 24 x 7 , I’m glued to the net on account of different reasons. My daughter lives abroad, so facetime and Skype keep us connected. I just can’t imagine my life without facetime. But when I have spoken to her at least twice a day using facetime, it seems to me that she is here with me all the time. She can easily participate in all family discussions and we can even be virtual participants , like say when she is blowing candles on her birthday cake.

Likewise, whatsapp is my lifeline when it comes to staying in touch with my son, who is an adventure freak and always on the go. So at times when it is not possible for him to answer my calls, Whatsapp comes to my rescue and helps me to keep tabs on him.

There is now no longer muttering under the breath or cursing the wretched sloooow speed of the internet whenever I wish to talk to my dear daughter or stay in touch with my son as with the launch of Airtel 4G – The fastest network ever, all this is a thing of the past. So, definitely a time to rejoice!

Being a writer of sorts, how can I imagine my life without a high speed telecom network? Now my life is so much simpler, I can submit my posts on the go ( which seemed like an impossible dream earlier), from my phone itself. I no longer have to remain confined to the four walls of my home dependent on my home wifi.

How can I forget my dear friends? I told you I’m an internet junkie. With the launch of Airtel 4G- the fastest network ever, I can stay connected with my friends in whichever part of the country I may be. After all, as the service is going be operational in 296 cities. it will be a cakewalk posting and sharing pictures with friends on social networking platforms like facebook and Instagram, without the irritating and prolonged wait. Rejoice! Rejoice!

Friends, getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away, just type #GetAirtel4G and you can get an easy free home delivery of the Airtel 4G SIM.

Musts When You Visit London this Summer

London is most definitely one of my favourite cities in the world. There are several reasons for this love. It is clean and it is green. London is packed with history and truly a heritage city, with every building in almost every nook and corner having a story to tell. The weather may be unpredictable, but for me being an Indian, I love the English summer as it is still pleasantly cold for me as opposed to a 40 degree centigrade temperature or above in my home town in peak summers. The food and the shopping are simply irresistible! The fact that it is fairly easy to commute also deserves a mention. London boasts of one of the world’s best underground railway or ‘tube’ network. Once you have gone through the tube map and understand the working nothing can hold you back from exploring the city.

Being fortunate to be able to visit London ( and several other beautiful  places in the UK) quite often, especially during the summers, I suppose I’m in a position to be able to  share my thoughts on what one must carry along and must do  in London this summer! So here’s my list-

  1.  Comfortable walking shoes : If you really wish to explore London you must have a great pair of walking shoes. Most of the famous tourist places , especially in central London are within stone’s throw of each other. But that’s figuratively speaking. You actually have to walk to move from one tourist attraction to another. For instance if you reach Oxford Street by car or tube, you may park the car and easily walk to either the British Museum or Buckingham Palace. (I may assure you that its much better to go by tube or cab rather than your own car because parking is difficult to find and will be quite expensive. At times one may have to pay congestion charges as well.) All the famed regular tourist places like Trafalgar square, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus may easily be covered by foot, provided you’re wearing great comfortable shoes, period.
    Trafalgar Square
    Trafalgar Square
  2. Selfie Stick/ Camera and Sunscreen: Ah! The london summer is beautiful! With roses in full bloom , the boxes of  freshly picked deep crimson strawberries in street kiosks ready to be devoured; and with the sun casting an inviting golden glow all around, who wants to remain indoors? So pick up that DSLR or selfie stick to use along with your smart phone and click away to glory! After all you are creating and preserving memories that you shall cherish even long after the holiday is over. In fact I really understood the importance of the selfie stick on my recent trip. Along with my family, I was in front of the Buckingham  palace gates at sharp 11 o’clock to catch the Change of Guard ceremony. But there was this huge rush at the palace and practically nothing was visible because of this big ‘human’ wall obstructing the view. Then I noticed that some people were really smart, waving their smart phones up in the air atop the selfie sticks higher above that human wall and recording the whole event! Soon there were almost as many selfie sticks as people around.
    Big Ben, London
  3. Go off-Beat: If it is your first visit to London, then you may tread the usual route, that is visiting the usual tourist attraction places like museums, Big Ben, Tower hill. London Eye, Madame Tussauds, etc. Fair enough! But if this is perhaps your second or third visit to this capital city or even if you have sufficient time on your first visit why not go a bit off beat?   Some suggestions would be to visit the beautiful gardens that London has to offer. Regent Park is breathtakingly fabulous with the most beautiful hyacinths, roses, and other seasonal flowers in full bloom. This time I just can’t stop going gaga over the most amazing St. James park ( one of the Royal Gardens) . a true nature lovers park, it is a sight for sore nerves, with a variety of pelicans, ducks and other water birds making it a very lively place. Another garden which i highly recommend is Kew Garden. Its sprawling, and to cover it I would need to write a separate piece. Other suggestions include going in for a tea-tasting experience , watching a play or if you are a foodie head straight to the Borough market.
    Tree walk at Kew Gardens
    Tree walk at Kew Gardens
  4. Shopping: London is a fashion capital, and by jove, Londoners are indeed quite fashionable. In london you are really spoilt for choice in terms of the variety available in clothes,shoes, handbags and cosmetics. You can also shop for world class home decor pieces and artifacts. Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street and Harrods are some of the popular places which tourists often throng to shop to your hearts content. You may go offbeat here too – London has some amazing shopping outlets which offer real value for your money, like the London Designer Outlet at Wembley and McArthurGlen  which is tax free. There are some more places too, but I do like to keep some secrets with me. So this summer in London, do some homework before you go!
  5. Travel Insurance and Basic Medicines: Well this point is valid wherever in the world you may travel. Its for your own security and safety. Although some basic medicines like throat lozenges, painkillers, eye drops may be bought over the counter at times from stores like Boots. Sunscreen is a must. when you are are enjoying the summer sun, remember to be kind to your skin.

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