Heart, Hope and Dreams


Broken Hearts and broken dreams

Make no noise

There are silent screams

But no voice

The cracks and crevices need to heal

Quick- immunize mind to that awful feel

The heart is not a cookie to crumble and fall

Its blood and strong muscle to take any call

Open new realms

Let hope not depart !

Pictures source: pixabay

The Neem Tree in My Yard

There is an old neem tree in my house yard,

neem tree

Full of dense green foliage,

Come winter most of the green was chopped off

Coz it prevented the sun from showing off.

Much to my dismay!


Then , one day we saw a woodpecker on the neem tree

Pecking happily away.

Is she searching for insects?

Or was she drilling to make a nest?

My interest in the neem tree was recaptured,

And so was that of a pair of mating parrots.IMG_3261

They hijacked the nest partly crafted by the woodpecker,

And set to work, digging with beak and claws deeper and deeper,IMG_3260

Ready to call the neem tree their home

With their friendly neighbours; the squirrels and the doves!IMG_3322