Moist Carrot Cake

It is winter time in the northern hemisphere,the time when one often craves for comfort food.With an abundance of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables available at this time of the year, why not cook up something that is tasty, flavorful as well as healthy? A carrot cake? A carrot cake with a twist– rich moist and upside down!


1 cup all purpose flour

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

3 eggs

1 cup sugar ( take about 2 tbsp lesser)

1/4 cup sugar for topping

2 tbsp butter for topping

3 or 4 carrots

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

pinch of salt

3/4 cup refined oil or butter

1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

A handful of mixed dry fruits like almonds, walnuts and raisins


Peel 2 of the carrots and cut into medium thickness round slices. In a saucepan heat the 1/4 cup sugar along with 2 tbsp butter and 1 tsp water till it melts and is bubbling. Do not stir. Pour into baking pan and arrange the carrot pieces so as to cover the whole base of the pan.Grease and flour the sides of the pan and keep aside.Sieve together all the dry ingredients except the dry fruits. Peel and grate the other two carrots. Meanwhile beat the sugar and the butter/refined oil till fluffy. Add the eggs one by one as you continue beating. Now add the flour mixture in small batches and continue to beat. You can add some milk between each addition of flour if the mixture becomes too thick. Finally fold in the grated carrots and dry fruits. Beat a little bit more till combined.Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and bake immediately in preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for about 45 minutes or till done. Let the cake cool in the pan for a while, but not too cool. When still slightly warm, run a knife along the edges of the pan and carefully invert onto a plate. Fingers crossed – your beautiful ,succulent , colourful carrot cake is ready to serve! It makes an excellent tea time accompaniment and can also be used as a dessert along with some ice-cream


Use of whole wheat flour along with some all purpose flour makes the cake healthier. To enhance the health quotient , the white sugar can be replaced with brown sugar.


Fret Not Wo/Man, You’ve Got Plenty to Wear!

Its a common problem which each one of us has faced at one time or the other. The closet is practically overflowing with clothes, so much so that in extreme cases articles literally start tumbling out the moment you open the its door! But yet there is that perpetual lament, ‘ I’ve got nothing to wear!’


Lets analyse the problem a bit and look for some solutions-

  • Throw away all those items of clothing or even accessories you’ve not worn for a year. As a general rule of the thumb, for every new outfit you buy, discard one old item of clothing. Donate your surplus clothes to someone who really needs them. De-cluttering your wardrobe will also make your belongings clearly visible making it easier for you to choose your clothes.Further, any missing essentials of your wardrobe will stare you in the face.So go ahead, spruce up your wardrobe with a fresh new look with fashionable updates from the latest trends in vogue!
  • The problem of plenty!! Very often, I’ve seen many of my friends, and myself too as victim to this.We have so many clothes that we are literally spoilt for choice! ”Should I wear this ensemble to the party or that blue dress or maybe that grey trouser suit?” Your mind is in constant debate, and when unable to decide, perhaps end up with ” I’ve got nothing (suitable) to wear, I need to buy something new.” Come on, its time to realize that you have enough clothes already, take out their moneys worth by actually wearing them and stop being a hoarder.
  • Have you ever heard of mix and match? By investing in some clever separates which you can easily mix and match will help you sport a new outfit each day of the year! Try to have a mix of classics, solid colours and some prints. Bling can be added through jewellery, bags, scarves,belts, watches along with other accessories. For example, by simply changing the blazer and making slight tweaks to your hairstyle along with your regular pair of jeans will give you an entirely new look. Just replacing a pair of pumps with stilettos or wedge heels changes the very attitude with which you carry yourself! Wearing a bright hued lip colour as opposed to a pale one immediately makes one look different, even though the clothes may still be the same. I am sharing with you this picture by Tumblr for added inspiration.


So go ahead people enjoy dressing up and looking good everyday. Remember,you’ve got plenty to wear!

The first picture was posted by my little (favourite) niece on WhatsApp and become my inspiration ticket for this article:)

Ice, Water, Steam – The Mighty Forces of the Universe

Water- the lifeblood of all living beings is a subject of much intrigue to mankind. Ice, water, steam the three forms of H2O are overpowering mighty forces of the universe. Technically, from the ‘Physics’ point of view they are not forces in themselves (water and its forms are all 3 different states of matter) but can exert tremendous forces both good and bad.

Let me focus on the good first. Water is pure and so humble. It has no shape or form of its own. No taste. It takes the form of the container in which put and acquires the taste of the flavourings it is subjected to, completely losing its own identity. This is so difficult, to lose your own identity, but water does it so easily. Mix it with some fruit concentrate it becomes a refreshing drink, add a tea bag, and no one will call it water anymore!

According to the yogic philosophy, water is breath.To quote from renowned dietician and author Rujuta Diwekar’s book , Don’t Lose Out,Work Out, “drinking water is like a pranayama practice, and just like you can’t rush through pranayama, you sit for it with certain protocol, you should accord the same treatment to water”.

Water is healing and soothing. One can live without food but not water as about 60% of our body is made up of water. Daily intake of at least 8 glasses of water per day can help to eradicate and cure several health problems as harmful toxins get flushed out of the system.  Externally too, a refreshing shower after a grueling  day at work or sweating it out in the kitchen is like a balm for sore nerves. The pitter-patter of the water drops on the skin immediately transports the self into a blissful state banishing all signs of physical or emotional stress.

Care for a bubbly topped with crushed ice? Can you imagine lemon ice tea minus the ice? Well this frozen wonder is an important part of our day to day lives and is also an integral part of medical treatment and industry.

Who hasn’t heard of the steam engine and the steam iron? Steam is powerful – it has the power to push and to smoothen and to burn. In fact steam burns can be even more painful than water at 100 degree centigrade because of the extra  latent heat that steam possesses. Steam is also used to run turbines in a nuclear power reactor.

Heaven forbid, water and its forms can cause utmost devastation and damage when uncontrolled and nature decides to unleash its fury on unsuspecting beings. The tsunami in 2004 in Indian ocean and more recently in Japan have left behind many scars. Recent flooding in the Kashmir valley has caused immense destruction.  A mighty ship Titanic, sunk due to the impact of a collision with an iceberg. And we have already said that steam has the power to burn. The more one thinks about the impact of  H2O in our lives , the more awestruck it makes us feel.




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Riturang : The Blog’s Review for 2014

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. I must say that they’ve done a pretty good job! Technically speaking, I started blogging in July so this is in essence a half yearly report card if I may call it so. I have really enjoyed this journey thus far and so will continue to entertain you (or bore you maybe) with my posts. 

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.