Clean India Campaign and more 

We are mighty pleased as well as proud of the fact that the new Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi is taking pains to make the general public aware of their responsibility in maintaining a clean environment. The daily newspapers are also emphasising on this need and pushing the administration in conducting cleanliness drives where necessary.
I can observe a general shift in attitude now. People who were initially careless, now think twice before throwing a tissue or a fruit peel in the open and stop and wait to look for a dustbin.The need for more public toilets is also being looked into.
Recently I was in Delhi. How I wish that the next agenda in focus is to be stricter in imposing traffic rules! Apparently there is only one rule that is followed by commuters in most parts of Delhi, that is ‘there are no rules’.With due apologies, probably not just Delhi but most towns and cities of the country have a similar traffic scene. The driving mechanism that we follow is of defence – steering away to protect our own vehicle from the truck driver who is in a perpetual hurry, the motorcyclist that suddenly swishes past wearing his own life on his sleeve or the cyclist that suddenly decides to cross the road without any warning. People refuse to drive in lanes, which actually contributes to all this chaos, and not to forget the continuous sound of honking the horn from left ,right and center.

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