Celebration Time for ‘Riturang’ !!

We have done it! ┬áToday my blog ‘riturang crossed another milestone of 100 followers (102 to be precise).Statistically,it may not be a huge following, but its definately a good start and loads of encouragement considering that my blog is just 4 months old.. It is further motivation to continue in the quest for self improvement and come up with new and interesting topics to write about. Thus far, I feel that to some extent I’ve been successful in writing what I set out to. My goal was to create magazine like content covering a range of topics from recipes to reviews and observations of life in general, through various media such as prose, poetry and pictures.

At times, all of this seems like a lot of hard work but every like and comment or follow earned makes it worth the effort. Looking forward to continue writing even better posts.It may sound cliched, but once again…..