Kohl Story

Indian actress Kareena Kapoor Khan Picture source: wikipedia

Kajal or Kohl is one make-up essential loved by women all over the world. I imbibed the habit of wearing kajal in my eyes from my mother. She applied a powdered form called ‘surma’ to my eyes when I was a little girl, with the help of an applicator made of pure silver called ‘suramchu’. Surma was lovingly prepared by my grandmother by burning a pure desi ghee lamp and collecting the soot.A lot of other ingredients go into making it We hardly get to see it nowadays! The younger generation is perhaps not even aware of the existence of such a thing. Well, as I grew older and granny was no more ,surma was replaced by store bought kajal. In fact there was an eternal quest for the best kajal/ kohl.- one that stays put for long and does not bleed.I have tried and spent huge sums of money on so many brands-‘Bheemsaini’, Shahnaz Herbal,Lakme, Pakistani kajal, Revlon roll on stick, Mac, Loreal etc. Finally I’ve been able to zero in on my favourite.I like Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal, but my favourite happens to be Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner. It stays fresh for hours and does not bleed. Its a bit difficult to apply initially, but once you have a practised hand it needs only one application in the day and instant glamour! The best part is that it can be used on the waterline as well as an eye-liner close to the upper eyelashes.Get those cat eyes now!

IMG_3063 (2)

How we all love kajal is summarised by Indian actor Kareena Kapoor Khan’s answer to a question in a Times of India interview. See the link below:

Q: How do you lift your looks up instantly after a long day?

“Hmm… kajal in my eyes. I think most people who see me, tell me I look far more glamorous when I have kajal… and it doesn’t matter if I am dead tired and have to still step out for dinner or something, just a black dress and a lot of smokey kajal works like a charm. I don’t do too much to my hair, if a blow dry is not possible then I just bundle it up into a ponytail… sometimes a low one, or a high one.”


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