Fashion Forward – Father and Son !

IMG_0382Look at this fabulous denim shirt ! This is no ordinary shirt. It’s a Levi’s denim shirt.But that is quite obvious ,isn’t it? So what’s so special? The special thing about this shirt is that its a Levi’s denim shirt that’s almost 34 years old!This shirt was bought by my husband from a mall in the year 1980 when he went on a college trip to Singapore.What is most amazing is that my son (who is quite choosy about his clothes) enjoys wearing this very shirt and often wears it to college! He wears it as a shirt and at times also as a light jacket over a T-shirt. Fashion repeats itself and denim shirts and jackets are always in vogue.This Levi’s denim is a classic, and seemingly is getting better with age just like vintage wine.

My son came back from a college trip yesterday and needless to say he had taken this favourite Levis denim shirt with him.When he came back , I washed it and my husband offered to iron it for me ( I must say he did a fabulous job, the shirt still looks new). it was while he was ironing the shirt , he told me that he had bought it in 1980! This gave me the immediate idea that i must write a post dedicated to this vintage Levi’s denim shirt.

Some possessions that we have ,may be simple, but give so much joy because of the happy memories associated with them.


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